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A Few Good Links


Search Engines

Google - one of the largest and most efficient search engines out there  

Ask Jeeves for Kids - answers to frequently asked questions on all kinds of topics

Yahooligans! - Yahoo search engine designed especially for kids  

Search Engine Watch - explains what search engines are, has tips for submitting Web sites to search engines, provides Web searching tips and more

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Ask Jeeves


Northern Light  

MainXchange - first and only "cashless" commerce and investment site for Generation Y, attracting influential, financially savvy 13 to 24 year-olds now coming of age on the Internet - hundreds of quality activities that invite kids to play, color, explore, learn and imagine

Gazillionaire - become "an intergalactic wheeler-dealer rocketing among the 7 planets of Kukubia as the head of your own trading company"

Funology - make things, explore the world, and discover skills you never knew you had using words, numbers, facts, ideas, and objects found around the house

SchoolHouse Rock - words, videos, sound files, trivia and history for all of your favorite Grammar Rock, Multiplication Rock, America Rock, Science Rock, and Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips songs

Sports Illustrated for Kids - sports articles on news and athletes, sports trivia, polls, fantasy sports and games

Quia! - short for Quintessential Instructional Archive; directory of thousands of teacher-created online games and quizzes in over 40 subject areas, templates for creating eight different types of online games, tools for creating online quizzes and more

EarthCam for Kids - search engine connecting kids with Webcams all over the world in a variety of different areas of interest

How Christmas Works - origins and traditions, both ancient and modern, of the holiday and the season

Game Central Station - over 245 games for preschool through 12th grade in a fully searchable database by any combination of game name, grade, skills, related sport, and location

Puzzlemaker - create a wide variety of puzzles and games - horror Web site with G-rated interactive thrills and chills

The National Baseball Hall of Fame - gallery, exhibits and features, news, a trivia quiz, and comprehensive baseball library

Comics from Creators Syndicate - your favorite comics, editorial cartoons, lifestyle features (nationally syndicated columns, including Ann Landers), and opinion articles

The Comic Strip - 32 different comic strips, plus editorial cartoons

Internet Movie Database - new movies, movies that are "coming soon," movie reviews, information on your favorite movies, trivia and great movie quotations

The Ultimate Band List - Artist of the Week, the latest music news, and a search of artists and albums

ESPN SportsZone - national and college sports, NASCAR, extreme sports, and up-to-the-minute sports news

Kidscom - games, chats, and links to other fun stuff, designed especially for kids - fun educational games - place for kids to gain support from other youths on peer pressure issues

ThinkQuest Internet Challenge - Web site design contest for students ages 12 through 19; form teams with their colleagues from around the world to win scholarships - provides teens with a safe, anonymous and personalized resource to help them work out the problems and stresses that can strike any child growing up; developed by teens

Teen Ink - written entirely by teens for teens, with articles by students representing schools nationwide about issues that matter to them

THINK: Teenage Health Interactive Network - ThinkQuest project to help adolescents make informed health decisions

Pieces and Creases: A Fun Guide to Origami - ThinkQuest Junior site taking an in-depth look at the Japanese art of paper folding

Learning About Leonardo - about Leonardo DaVinci's works in many fields and research on his paintings and music

The K.I.D.S. Report - publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other kids